Justin Hermes – From tree to table

In 2011 I established a material-focused furniture studio in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Working closely with a network of arborists and specialist saw-millers, I source logs from trees which have fallen or been removed, and convert them into timber for use in my furniture and object designs.

The resulting furniture exhibits textures and tones impossible to replicate using conventional timbers, the life of the tree is easy to trace through the lines and markings in the surface.

I have a selection of finished pieces available to view on this site, or by appointment in the studio, and I am currently taking orders for residential, commercial and hospitality commissions.

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A selection of current materials includes:

- Black Poplar

- White Willow

- European Oak

- English Elm

- European Ash

- Italian Stone Pine

- Hackberry

- Honey Locust

- English Walnut

Black Poplar – Poplus nigra

This spectacular tree fell in a storm across three back yards in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Amazingly, no one was injured, and damage to the properties was minimal. The tree was milled on site and transported piece by piece back to the studio. Lengths of up to 5.4m available.


White Willow – Salix alba

This was one of the trees planted for the Lobethal Cricket Bat Factory in the late 19th Century. While the factory closed in 1956, the tree continued to grow, until it split and fell some years ago. Lengths up to 3.6m available.


European Oak – Quercus robur

This fine Oak  from an Adelaide Hills back yard had to be removed when it’s root structure was compromised by excavation in a neighbouring property. Heavily featured timber, lengths up to 1.8m available, limited supply.


English Elm – Ulmus procera

Lovely straight grain in this timber, from a tree which fell in the Adelaide parklands. Some spalting, resulting in blonde streaks throughout the material. Lengths up to 2.7m, limited supply.


European Ash – Fraxinus excelsior

Adelaide Hills street plantings removed at the end of their natural life. As the trees were heavily pollarded, the resulting slabs are full of natural feature. Lengths up to 1.5m available.


Italian Stone Pine – Pinus pinea

Adelaide Parklands trees which were removed at the end of their natural life. Lengths up to 2.4m available.


Hackberry – Celtis occidentalis

Hackberry is planted extensively as a street tree in the south of Adelaide CBD near my studio. This example was removed as deemed unsafe. Lengths up to 2m, Limited supply.


Honey Locust – Gleditsia triacanthos

From a fallen parklands tree. Heavily featured swirling grain in this timber. Short lengths up to 1.8m available.


English Walnut – Juglans regia

Fallen next to a derelict settlers cottage in the Adelaide Hills, there are only a few small pieces of this exceptional timber remaining in the studio.